When Is It Time to Replace My Car Battery?

Batteries are one of the last things people will check for proper maintenance. They often find out their battery is on the brink when trying to start their vehicle in the parking lot or in the driveway when leaving for work. Like anything else that is about to fail, batteries show signs when they are in need of servicing or replacing.
1. If your car is slow to crank, it could be a sign that your battery needs replacing.
2. A check engine light may mean that battery power is weak and needs charging.
3. Low battery fluid level can also be a reason the car will not crank over. It is likely time to have the battery, and the vehicle’s charging system, checked out.
4. Battery leaks and old age are additional reasons to replace a worn battery.

A dependable vehicle is critical in helping millions of people get things done. Bring your vehicle in for a checkup today. Our experts can easily check your battery and replace it if necessary.
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