The 2018 Ford Edge Capability Improves Handling

With the 2018 Ford Edge, you should be aware of its’ capability in regard to handling. You want to learn of the Edge’s good suspension and traction control. The Ford Edge’ stability control helps maintain control of the SUV.

With the Edge, the Intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD) helps handle the road in various weather conditions and creates traction. The vehicle handling improves using the AWD system. The Ford Edge’s traction control reduces wheel spin with help from the throttle’s output. It maintains control of the vehicle. Ford Edge’s Roll Stability Control allows you to make adjustments based on your driving. The adjustment occurs with the engine and the brake to ensure tires sticks to the road.

If you are a driver in the Comstock area, it will test the Ford Edge’s handling. To witness the Edge’s handling, you can visit Autosaver Ford for a test drive.

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