The New F-Series Super Duty Tremor is the Most Capable Off-Road Super Duty Ever.


The 2020 F-Series Super Duty is delivering next-level capability in a powerful new way: the Tremor Off-Road Package. Tremor pushes the boundaries of Super Duty off-road capability further than it’s ever gone before. This powerhouse comes equipped with new hardware and tech that give it the ultimate toolbox for dealing with rough terrain.


 “A growing number of Super Duty customers use their trucks for more than work. They’re fishing, camping and towing boats on weekends and they go off-road, so we designed this truck specifically for them – more ground clearance, bigger shocks, bigger tires and more off-road capability,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Tremor balances what customers demand in terms of work with what they need in the great outdoors.”


The Tremor Off-Road Package is super capable. This package delivers for those who work hard and play hard. The off-road upgrades start with an aggressive set of 35-inch-diameter Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac maximum-traction tires — the largest diameter tires available on a heavy-duty pickup — mounted on a set of stylishly unique 18-inch matte-finished black wheels. 


The tires combine with a 2-inch front-end lift and shorter air dam and it results in an incredibly impressive 10.8 inches of ground clearance. The Tremor has best-in-class water fording of 33 inches, and the best approach and departure angles of any Super Duty ever.


The progressive-rate springs balance heavy-duty towing performance needs while also controlling body motion on those rocky, rutted off the beaten trails. The rear stabilizer bar is tuned for a lower spring rate so that drivers will experience less head toss over obstacles during the adventure.


Tremor has massive shocks that feature substantial oil volume that keeps the internal temperatures low while the large cross-section works to improve overall responsiveness. The Tremor also uses a locking rear differential with electronic shift-on-the-fly engagement and a new Dana® limited-slip front differential. 


The Tremor also comes with Trail Control™ which debuted for the F-150 Raptor and Range. It functions much like cruise control but it’s for off-road driving. Drivers can set the speed and just focus on navigating the trail ahead. This system is a real game changer for off-roaders.


The 2020 Super Duty Tremor features selectable drive modes too. This means you can choose a setting that’s perfect for your favorite off-road spot. Muddy or rocky, the Tremor has a setting for it. In fact unique to tremor is the new crock-crawl mode. This mode is optimized to operate in 4x4 low and gives the truck added benefits over every rock.


The Tremor Off-Road Package will be available when the 2020 Super Duty launches later this year.

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