Great Technology for Travel in the Ford Ranger Truck

The Ford Ranger has reliable technology to guide you on local roads and unfamiliar trails in Comstock. Available in three models at Autosaver Ford, this mid-size pickup truck boasts the SYNC infotainment platform with the AppLink portal. You can gently pinch the 8-inch LCD touch screen to access the signature applications for travel-related purposes. The GPS navigation system is supplemented by Google Maps and other digital maps that are provided by Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The front passenger and rear passengers could connect their mobile phones to the FordPass Connect hotspot. This WiFi service is part of AT&T's reliable nationwide network that has superb coverage, even in remote areas. When you step 50 feet away from the cabin, your smartphones and other devices will still pick up the strong 4G signals from the FordPass Connect. Dual smart-charging USB hubs give techies additional utility inside this well-appointed Ford pickup truck.



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